Is your attorney taking you for a ride?

Litigation costs and exhausts you, yet law firms have zero incentive to settle and end your case. 

Our goal is to end your litigation ASAP.  

Get a Second Opinion

Our team can review your case before or after you start litigation and provide a second opinion on the: 

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Settlement Negotiations

We jump start conversations toward settlement either in conjunction with your counsel or independently.  We have loan workout and restructuring expertise and represent both borrowers and lenders.  

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Nik Lavrinoff is the Founder of End Litigation and has personally spent millions of dollars on legal fees litigating his own real estate and business cases. 

He understands the inefficiencies of the legal system firsthand and advises clients in the throes of litigation and crisis.

Nik Lavrinoff and as counsel experts review your case with three primary lenses: